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New WordPress theme from YOOtheme

In its pureness lies its beauty – this is how this template is described the best. Pure comes with a light and clean design that makes it the right choice for your magazine, news or music related website. With this template we also introduce our new Warp Core feature: The “Spotlight” feature creates nice hovering Javascript effects for your content.

Create your own unique style

New WordPress theme from YOOtheme

With Pure you can combine a lot of different styles to achieve a unique design. Choose from a white and a black basic styling and combine them with different colors, background textures and fonts. Additionally you have a selection of different module styles that come with cool hover effects.

Finally, we added a fitting new template for the ZOO Blog app and new list styles to this template.

Get Pure and join the YOOtheme club today.

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  • Mike
    septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:19 pm |

    What a great and useful article!

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    septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:20 pm |

    What a wonderful blog! Thumbs up!

    • Steve
      septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:21 pm |

      I agree! It is really a beautiful blog.

    • Tom
      septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:21 pm |

      Yes, that is right! Loving it!

    • John Q. Public
      septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:22 pm |

      Thank you all for the positive feedback!

  • Dave
    septiembre 22, 2010 en 12:23 pm |

    Thanks guys, you offer awesome themes!

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